Learn from Past Mistakes to Create a Winning Strategy

This course will profile previous ventures with which the instructor has been affiliated and focus on why the venture failed, as well as lessons learned that might assist founders in maximizing their future success.

Maximize Opportunities for Revenue Success

The course will show companies how to develop and execute DC-based communications strategies, leverage personal relationships, and embrace available technology to stay ahead of pertinent programs, opportunities, and proposals to position themselves for long term market success.

Mastering Team Dynamics

Exponential growth is forecasted for the space industry over the next 5-10 years. Companies need managers and team leaders who can keep up with this pace of change, drive innovation and collaboration, and build cohesive teams that are both collaborative and high performing. In this course, you’ll learn the crucial elements of building a high …

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The Future of Space Entrepreneurship

We are living in one of the most dynamic times in memory. Technological capabilities have advanced around us and, in many ways, accelerated and transformed the space industry. With seemingly endless pathways into the ecosystem, how do you understand the evolving landscape and pinpoint the right opportunity for your company? This course is led by …

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Space Mission Areas and Capabilities

The Space Mission Areas and Capabilities Course is designed for students who are interested in gaining entry level knowledge regarding the various broad categories of space capabilities and how they are employed in the space industry. Topics covered in this course include remote sensing, space-based communications, position, navigation and timing systems, space-based environmental monitoring, scientific …

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Leveraging Your Personal Brand by Gabriella Goddard

Exponential growth is forecasted for the global space industry.  More and more doors are opening for talented and passionate professionals and entrepreneurs who want to transition into this exciting sector. In this course you’ll learn how to develop your Personal Brand and use it to transition into the space industry. You’ll explore your transferable skills and strengths, and any areas you might need …

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