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There has never been a better time to be part of the global space industry.

With space careers, services and markets forecasted for substantial growth, the time to enter or grow within the space industry is now. Space Commerce Institute at Space Foundation can help you chart or navigate your course by providing the right tools at the right time to succeed and scale.

Space Commerce Institute draws on Space Foundation’s nearly 40 years of advocacy for the global space community to provide accessible and actionable programming. You’ll learn from experts who have perfected what it takes to navigate the evolving mandates from concept to creation in the global space economy.


For entrepreneurs who want to advance into the space sector or individuals who want a space career.

SCI Consult

For young and high-growth companies who need targeted consulting to achieve their goals.

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For next-generation and mid-level space professionals who want to enhance their skillsets for career advancement.


For organizations that need custom programming to fit their objectives. Can include various elements of Space Commerce Institute plus special requests.

If you want to grow within or get involved in the space industry, start with Space Commerce Institute.

Whether you are pursuing a space career, commercializing space technology, or scaling your business into the space industry, Space Commerce Institute can help you take your place in space.

  • Integrate into the broader space economy through new product creation, creative applications to existing products or services, or a space-related job

  • Recognize emerging opportunities in commercializing space

  • Address the most common challenges and knowledge gaps when entering the dynamic space marketplace

  • Close the gap on specific issues keeping you from growing and expanding your company

Case Study:

Global Engineering Startup

Space Commerce Institute was preceded by a nationwide Space Commerce Entrepreneurship Program, established by Space Foundation to promote the expansion of businesses into space-based technology markets. This initial space entrepreneurship program included workshops, mentorship, and networking at Space Symposium.

The following is a case study from the original Space Commerce Entrepreneurship Program. Space Commerce Institute is an expansion of this program, providing entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools to participate in the commercial space industry and its related sectors.


Startup Pivots Business Strategy to Gain Interest From Large Enterprises

This commercial engineering company, founded in 2018, was a successful graduate of Space Foundation’s space entrepreneurship program. As a result of their engagement, they pivoted to pursuing global commercial projects and from selling parts to selling comprehensive space-vehicle solutions.

Impact from the Workforce Development Roadmap:

  • Awareness: Attended regional Space Commerce Entrepreneurship workshops

  • Access: Learned about opportunities in the space ecosystem

  • Training: Gained strategy and skills for conducting business in the space sector

  • Connections: Networked with 150+ enterprises at Space Symposium and closed contracts

  • Mentorship: Business lifecycle guidance from space professionals

Science on a Sphere

“Space Foundation helped us find our place in space.”

How big is the Space Industry?

Space is a $469 billion economy that impacts every part of life on Earth. From supporting space exploration and national security to serving critical infrastructures and driving new innovations everywhere, space and its related technologies are opening new avenues for commerce and careers. As a global ecosystem, space is creating jobs, driving innovation, reshaping markets and changing lives for the better.

With rapid space commercialization and year-over-year growth, there is no better time to be part of the global space economy.

Global Space Economy

Fast Facts

Value of the Global Space Economy (2021)
Global Space Economy Growth (2021-2022)
Increase in Commercial Space Sector Revenues (2020-2021)
of Today’s Spacecraft Are Commercial
Growth Expected by 2040
Spacecraft Launched Into Space Jan-June, 2022 (More Than the First 52 Years of the Space Age!)
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